3 Reasons Why Wool is Best for Summer

3 Reasons Why Wool is Best for Summer

You might think wool is only for winter, but there are distinct advantages to wearing merino wool in the summer as well. This is especially true for young children, who's bodies haven't acclimated to fast changing weather yet. 

Depending on where you are, summer in New Zealand can mean three seasons worth of weather in a couple of hours. The merino wool we use at Three Bags Full is expertly crafted to handle whatever weather is on the horizon for your little adventurers. Here are our top 3 favourite things about merino wool clothing in the summer:

1. Merino dries faster. Being dry means you actually feel cooler than wearing cotton, which actually holds moisture in.

2. Merino is the best for keeping the sun off. No one likes to keep putting sunblock on, especially playful kids. Keeping the sun off with clothing is the best way to protect your kid’s sensitive skin. Plus, merino is breathable, so they won’t feel stuffy while blocking those harmful rays.

3. Support Local. Our merino clothing range is made right here in New Zealand, out of high quality New Zealand merino wool. Every garment you purchase helps a fellow kiwi. 

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