How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths: Easy Moth Hole Prevention

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths: Easy Moth Hole Prevention

Why does my merino get moth holes?

Moths love merino wool. Protecting your merino from moths is one way to ensure you get maximum use out of your product. There is nothing worse then finding a dreaded moth hole in your expensive merino items.

Moth holes are typically hard to spot until the garment has been washed. Larvae weaken the threads in merino by chewing the fibres that snap in the washing machine, leaving you with unfortunate holes.

A single moth can deposit as many as 200 eggs at a time, infesting your precious merino with tiny larvae. Preventative measures should be taken to reduce the risk of infestation.


What do moth holes look like?

Moth holes are often mistaken for just a snag or pull in the fabric. Many people do not consider the possibility of moth holes because they do not see any moths. This is often the case.

The best way to reduce moth damage is to reduce the risk of infestation before they arrive. This includes storing merino appropriately and some easy home recipes.


Merino storing tips:

  • Wash clothing before storing
  • Store in a dry place
  • For extra protection, store merino in airtight containers/bags
  • Routinely vacuum wardrobes, drawers and behind furniture

If you suspect moths have found your merino, freezing, dry-cleaning or tumble drying on a high heat (if possible) will kill any larvae that cannot be seen.



How do I get rid of adult moths?

Getting rid of a moth infestation can be tricky. This is because you need to kill the adult moths and moth larvae differently. See our 'How to kill clothes moths' blog for better guide.

  1. Remove and wash all at-risk clothing
  2. Thoroughly wipe down and vacuum all surfaces in your closets
  3. Use aerosol sprays, pheromone traps or a natural remedy to kill and repel future moths

Natural Home remedies

Many people buy moth balls to keep the moths away. However, leaving pesticides around is not always ideal in a family household.

The following ingredients work wonders for preventing moths when kept in your wardrobe:

  • Cedar chips
  • Dried lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Cloves
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • Drive lemon/orange peel
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Peppercorns

You can mix and match these to create little smelly bags to keep with your merino. 

Put about ¼ to ½ a cup of your desired herb blend in cheesecloth, muslin ( Babu gauze muslin wash cloths or the bag they come in work great) or even cut up old pantyhose. 

These can be stored in drawers, wardrobes and under beds to keep the moths away. Scrunch the smelly bag every now and then to release more of the scent. Refill if the bag is no longer releasing a smell.

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