Growing with the merino wave

Growing with the merino wave


The company began its merino journey from various influences: one director had grown up on a Nelson sheep farm, another had an advertising and design background.  Bring those two together with the arrival of children and a high quality, practical, always on trend product is born.


Any marketer worth their salt will tell you: Know your market. Three Bags Full have taken this essential piece of business acumen quite literally, and for their nine years have sold exclusively through fetes and markets, as well as online.


“It’s helped us get a hands-on understanding of our customers.  Getting that face to face feedback on a regular basis is powerful, and we’ve built our business around it,” says Pip Souness.


This consumer knowledge has been particularly important given the explosion of merino products onto the marketplace in the last 10 years – and in particular, children’s merino.


“We’ve stayed true to what Three Bags Full is all about and that’s really helped us compete,” says Tracey van Herel. “We always come back to enduring style, the best quality possible and flattering cuts. People vote with their feet (and wallets!).


We’re also appreciative of our customers’ loyalty.  They’ve become an extension of our business over the years, and we design with their families in mind.”


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